Getting started with PolyBox

1. Pin PolyBox to your browser toolbar for easy access. Click on the icon to launch PolyBox.

2. You can also launch PolyBox using the default keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Period or Alt + Q. You can change these shortcuts on chrome://extensions/shortcutsedge://extensions/shortcuts (in case there is any conflict).

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Search everything

Start typing to search everything in your browser, including opened tabs, bookmarks, history, downloads, short URLs, quick commands and more.

You can also narrow your search to a particular source, using /context :

  • /tab or #Search all opened tabs
  • /bookmarks or *Search bookmarks
  • /history or ~Search browsing history
  • /downloads or !Search downloaded files
  • /ext or %Search installed extensions
  • /settingsSearch browser settings
  • ...

Short URL navigation and site search

Set up short URL mappings to navigate to your favorite sites by typing a few letters, and provide search URL template to quickly search on these websites.

Search from a single website

Limit your search to a specific website using the @website word1 word2 format. This works under all search contexts.

More power at your fingertips

Next steps

Type / or /? to see all available search commands.

Press Ctrl + O to go to the Settings page for more customizations.

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